You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of products. Our mission is to provide "Southern hospitality" when it comes to service - no gun store attitudes with us! If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website.
North Texas Armament has been in business for over a decade. We set ourselves apart with excellent service, respect for the customer, and fair, competitive prices. We specialize in the sales of new guns, NFA items (suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs). We do handle incoming NFA transfers ($100), and outgoing gun transfers.
While others have profited greatly from threatened gun control by selling at outrageous prices, we have never done so. We value all of our customers, and will never take advantage of a bad political situation to gain profit.
How we set ourselves apart from the competition:


No price gouging! We will not sell at such a low price as to devalue the product either - others have done so and eventually were no longer allowed by the wholesaler or manufacturer to continue selling to the public.
No gimmick! We do offer a unique deal - buy two guns and you may buy one (any gun) at our cost + shipping. Or, buy one gun or NFA item, refer a friend - and if they buy, you may buy one (any gun) at our cost + shipping.
No gun store attitudes! We believe in "southern hospitality" - that is to say, respect and a listening ear.


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